6 lakh Dalits held in bonded labour in Sindh

Mirpurkhas: Approximately 600,000 Dalits in Sindh are suffering forced labor by landowners, according to the Scheduled Caste Rights Commission of Sindh. Most are from Sanghar, Umerkot, Mirpurkhas, Badin, Thatta, and Hyderabad districts, and are forced to work on agricultural lands and brick kilns.

The poor families have no other options and accept paltry loans in exchange for yearlong forced labor. Children are unable to go to school due to poverty and the lack of other options with the loan money.

Advocate Rano Bheel said that a total of 1,837 farmers had been got freed by various courts in bonded labour case.


Ratio of crimes against women increased in Gujrat during 2022

The number of crimes against women in Gujrat increased in 2022, with 39 women murdered due to honor or domestic violence compared to 35 in 2021.

In the same period, 169 people were murdered, as compared to 155 in 2021.

Two sisters from Spain were brutally murdered in Nathia village, Kharian, in May 2022 by their own brothers and other close family members over an honor-related issue. The sisters, Arooj Abbas and Aneesa Abbas, were in their early 20s and had recently married their cousins. The family was reportedly upset with the sisters for failing to obtain visas for their husbands to move to Spain. All suspects in the case were released on bail in October, and the trial is ongoing.

No one has been convicted for the murder of a woman in the past four years. Many cases are reconciled or pardoned by the complainants, leading to the release of the accused and difficulty in securing a conviction.


Man Found Slaughtered in Dispute Over Second Marriage

Karachi: A 24-year-old man named Asif Ali was found dead in the Shah Latif Town area on Sunday, having been apparently killed over a dispute related to his second marriage.

The body was discovered in Sector 17-A and taken to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for identification.

According to Police, Asif Ali was called away from his home on the night between Saturday and Sunday and murdered at an unknown location. The police suspect that Asif Ali’s second marriage may have been the motive for the killing, and that some of his close relatives may have been involved in the crime.


School teachers threaten to commit suicide if sacked

Government school teachers in Hyderabad are warning that they will commit self-immolation outside Bilawal House in Karachi if they are removed from their positions.

The teachers claim that the Sindh education minister plans to dismiss them in favor of other individuals who will pay for their positions. The teachers have protested for three months for salary and job security.

They have demanded that the Sindh chief minister reject the inquiry committee’s report within three days, or they will carry out their threat of self-immolation.

The teachers also plan to boycott duties in the local government elections, and hold the education minister responsible.


A woman was shot and killed by her brother in Orangi

A 35-year-old married woman in Orangi Town, Karachi was shot and killed by her brother on Sunday at Islamia Colony near Paracha Graveyard.

The suspect fled after committing the crime. According to police, the murder is believed to be the result of a family dispute.

Ruling allies in Balochistan object to another panel on missing persons
Differences have emerged in the Balochistan coalition government over the formation of a parliamentary commission for the recovery of missing persons.

The Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M) and Mir Asad Baloch, parliamentary leader of BNP-Awami, oppose the provincial government’s move, stating that a commission already exists, headed by Sardar Akhtar Mengal, and was established on the order of the Islamabad High Court. The BNP-M alleges that the new commission is an attempt to divert attention from the issue of missing persons in the province and to counter the efforts of the commission headed by Mengal.

Provincial Minister Mir Asadullah Baloch also expressed his ignorance about the new commission and said he would not be a part of it.


President signed a law that requires all TV channels to include sign language interpreters in their news broadcasts

President Dr Arif Alvi has signed the Access to the Media (Deaf) Persons Act, which requires all private and state-run broadcasters to air news bulletins with sign language interpreters to ensure special persons have access to the media.

After six months, the government will not allow the national broadcaster or other electronic media to air news bulletins without sign language interpreters.

After one year, the government will not allow the national broadcaster or other media to air any programs, entertainment, advertisements, talk shows, dramas, films, or other segments without sign language interpreters.

The Act directs the government and private media houses to appoint sign language interpreters within six months and will take effect immediately throughout Pakistan.





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