Accused Killer of wife arrested by Green Town police in Lahore

A man named Ghulam Rasool, who is accused of killing his wife Sabra Bibi with an ax, was arrested by Green Town police on January 11, 2023.

The police have handed over the case to the investigation wing.


17-year-old Mentally Challenged Girl Raped in Chung

An unknown perpetrator raped a 17-year-old mentally challenged girl in Chohang’s Eden Value Homes on January 11, 2023. A case has been registered by the Chung police.

Mentally challenged girl raped in Eden Value Homes, Chohang; case registered by the police.


UN report reveals South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa as worst regions for child mortality in 2021

A UN report has revealed that South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa have the worst child mortality rate in 2021. The report estimates that 5 million children under 5 died and 2.1 million children and youth between 5 and 24 years lost their lives in 2021.

The report also found that sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia shoulder the majority of the burden, with 56% and 26% of deaths respectively.

The report also stated that many of these deaths could have been preventable with equitable access and high-quality maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health care.



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