Afghan Nationals Forced to Flee Due to Food Shortages and Job Losses Under Taliban Control

Afghan nationals are fleeing their country due to a shortage of food and job opportunities, as well as the harsh attitude and restrictions imposed by the Taliban.

Trade and real estate prices have also been plummeting.

They are also citing an increase in attacks by the self-styled Islamic State of Khorasan and the inability of the Taliban to stop them, as well as restrictions imposed by Pakistan on their re-entry to the country.


Child Tortured and Killed by Private School Teacher in Lahore

A 7-year-old child was brutally tortured by a private school teacher and murdered in the Millat Park area in Lahore.

The police say they will take action after receiving a complaint from the father. The police stated that the remaining accused will be arrested soon.


Arrested Suspect Confesses to Killing Young Girl After Rape in Court

The investigating officer presented an interim report to the court of Judicial Magistrate Sharqi, Ehsan Ali Ansari, in the case of a young girl’s murder following rape.

The police reported that the arrested suspect, Irfan, admitted to committing the crime.


Protest over police inaction in teenager’s murder case in Narowal

A group of people in Narowal, Pakistan, are protesting against the police due to their perceived inaction in a case involving the kidnapping and subsequent murder of a 16-year-old boy named Sameer.

The boy’s father, Abdul Qadir, reported that his son had been kidnapped on January 14th while traveling from Sialkot to their village of Badha Pind.

The kidnappers demanded a ransom of 2 million rupees and on January 17th, the boy was found killed in the fields of Pandori village.

The protesters are blocking the traffic on the Zafarwal-Narowal road and have placed the boy’s body on the road as part of the demonstration.




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