Man kills his wife in Haripur

HARIPUR: A man allegedly shot and killed his wife in the city for an unspecified cause, according to Ghazi Police.

Umar Farooq, a resident of Eesa Model village claimed that his 34-year-old sister worked as an account officer. She was married to Ishtiaq Khan of Mardan, an engineer working for a private cellular company in Islamabad.

Umar stated that on Monday, his sister traveled to Islamabad to see their mother, who was receiving treatment at the home of their maternal uncle when Ishtiaq also arrived there and argued angrily with his wife.

According to him, just as she was about to enter her home after departure from Islamabad at around 10.15 p.m., her husband arrived, followed by an unidentified driver, and fired with a pistol at her when she passed right away. The body was moved by the police to the hospital at the Ghazi Tehsil Headquarters for an autopsy.


Rawalpindi: Three persons including two girls were kidnapped.

Naseem told Pirwadhai police station that his 17-year-old daughter was kidnapped by Bibi Kurfiullah.

Razia Nasir told Bani police station that her daughter, aged 18, was kidnapped by Salman.

Mohammad Nadeem told Sadiqabad police station that his brother Mohammad Rafiq was kidnapped.


Four arrested in Faisalabad for torturing a woman during ‘faith healing’

TOBA TEK SINGH: Four people were arrested for burning a mentally challenged woman in the name of “spiritual treatment”.

The complainant Wasim Shahbaz said his sister, Sonia, had a mental health condition and he discussed the issue with Wasim Ilyas who suggested that his mother-in-law, Shamim Bibi, was a spiritual healer and she could cure her.

He took Sonia to the house where Shamim Bibi, Wasim Ilyas, his wife Alia Bibi, and mother Zarina Bibi detained her in a room and not only severally tortured her but also burned her chest, face, and eyes. She was taken to the Allied Hospital in critical condition.

Police took notice after media reports became viral about the incident and an FIR was registered under sections 336-B and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code after which four suspects were arrested.



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