17 November 2022

By Rehan Piracha

LAHORE: The Sindh High Court has admitted for hearing a petition by an elderly Karachi citizen in which he sought recovery of his four daughters allegedly abducted from Karachi and held captive in Gujrat and Rahim Yar Khan by influential landlords for over two years.

In his petition, Ali Gul said that the police were not taking action against the alleged abductors of his four daughters- Safia Gul, Takia Gul, Asia Gul, and Zakia Gul. The abductors have also detained his two granddaughters Asia Peer and Shafia Peer, he said.

Ali Gul, a resident of Gulshan-e-Maymar in Karachi, told Voicepk.net that the alleged abductors kidnapped his daughter Safia Gul from Gulshan-e-Maymar in June 2019. Following Safia’s kidnap, her other three daughters also went missing.

After five months, Ali Gul said he came to know the whereabouts of one of his daughters when he was summoned for a hearing in a civil court in Sama Satta town of Bahawalpur. A Nikah Nama (marriage certificate) of Safia Gul was presented in the court but it had an incomplete name of her daughter while the name of her father was changed.

Ali Gul stated that the accused had knowledge of the whereabouts of his other three daughters. He said the police in Punjab and Sindh were conniving with the accused. He had registered abduction cases of his daughters in 2019 and provided the names of the alleged abductors to the police. However, the police stated that they could do nothing as his daughters had married of their own will.

Ali Gul said he approached the court so that the police should be directed to present Nikah Namas of her daughters as proof of their marriages. He has named 17 persons in the petition who have abducted his daughters and have knowledge of their whereabouts. The accused persons reside in Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Karachi, and Gujrat.

One of her daughters, Zakia Gul, was abducted and kept against her will in Gujrat. He named three persons who are residents of Jalalpur Jhatta in Gujrat for abducting Zakia but the police did not take action against them.
Police officials of Sindh and Punjab have been made parties in the petition. The high court has fixed December 26 as the date for the hearing.


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