40-year-old woman raped and set on fire

Lahore: A 40-year-old woman was set on fire after being raped by her ex-son-in-law in the Sherakot police area on Thursday. The accused, Mehmood, raped his mother-in-law after which he doused petrol on her and set her on fire. Next-door neighbors rushed to the scene after hearing the screams of the victim, put out the fire, and shifted her to the hospital. The victim, who is a mother of six children reported that Mehmood was married to one of her daughters who died a year ago. Mehmood wanted to marry his mother-in-law after the death of his wife. On her refusal, he raped her and set her on fire


Child murderer arrested in Lahore

Lahore: Badami Bagh Investigation Police have arrested a man named Zeeshan who is accused of abducting and killing a child. The suspect kidnapped 5-year-old Ayan from outside his house a few days ago. The minor’s body was found near the railway lines with his throat slit. CCTV footage and other evidence led the police to Zeeshan as the main suspect. As per reports, the accused wanted to marry the victim’s aunt and so allegedly killed the child before her wedding to stop the marriage. After the murder, the accused pretended to search for the child with the child’s family.


Alarm over arrests of women & children in Bolan

Quetta: Alarm has been raised over the illegal detention of Bolan tribe women and children by security forces. The detained women and children have been named Sammo Samalani, Zarbakht Samalani, Bani Samalani, and her two daughters Sameeda Samalani and Raaji.

As per reports, the area is currently undergoing insecurity which led to the arrest of members of the civilian population. Chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Nasrullah Baloch, expressed concern over the arrests and reported how at least six Baloch women and children were illegally arrested. The organization demanded the government take notice of the detention of women and children and secure their immediate release.


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