Man commits suicide after killing wife and daughter

A man killed his wife and toddler daughter on Wednesday before killing himself in Maqsoodabad in Faisalabad. According to police officials, Imran Arshad killed his wife Sania Bibi and baby daughter Aizan Fatima during a domestic argument before killing himself. The police have moved the bodies to the Samanabad General Hospital and are investigating the incident.

Multan Court recovers and hands over 3 children to mother

Multan High Court Judge Justice Shakeel Ahmed recovered three children of a woman named Soghara from two quotas and handed them over to their mother yesterday. The mother had submitted the petition of recovery of the children.


Karachi & Lahore in top 10 most polluted cities in the world

The city of Karachi ranked 2nd in the world’s top 10 most polluted cities on Wednesday according to data collected from IQ Air which indicates AQI level of 172. Lahore, Pakistan stood at no.8 with an AQI of 150 while Shenyang, China is currently the most polluted with an AQI of 182,

Seasonal burning of crops and industrial pollution has contributed to the poor air quality across the sub-continent. The quality of air in Karachi and Lahore remains hazardous and is especially dangerous for sensitive groups with underlining health conditions. Citizens are advised to wear face masks and use air purifiers in-doors.


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