14 November 2022

Staff Report


Activists and health specialists have recommended that designated female enumerators were required to collect census data on women, girls, and transgender persons to ensure their full representation in the country. They were speaking at the Asma Jahangir Conference 2022’s session on population.  

Sara Malkani, an adviser of the Center for Reproductive Rights, moderated the session titled Population, Family Planning and Women’s Reproductive Issues. The distinguished speakers comprised Zeba Sathar, country director of Population Council, Tahira Abdullah, a well-known human rights defender and social scientist, and Dr Farrukh Zaman, a gynaecologist and fertility consultant. 

In the session, the panel recommended that there must be female enumerators to collect census data so that women, girls, and transgender persons are counted and therefore fully represented. 

Multiple stakeholders, including lawyers, should play a role in the advocacy of and communication efforts toward the promotion of family planning in the country. The house also urged the government to promote and develop girls’ education.



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