September 30, 2022

By Xari Jalil


A video of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) leader Muhammad Naeem Chatta Qadri directly inciting violence against Ahmadis- especially pregnant women – is doing the rounds on social media.


In the video, Qadri is giving a ‘sermon’ to his followers, telling them to actively carry out attacks against Ahmadis especially pregnant women so as to stop the baby from being born.

“We are the descendants of Mehmood of Ghaznavi,” says the cleric from the previously banned outfit in the video. “He was such a lionheart of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) whose horse’s galloping sound, would cause the miscarriage of Hindu women.”

He then continues to incite the listening audience, to ‘raise the slogan of Tajdar-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwat (the Seal of the Prophets) with such ferozity that causes the “Mirzai” (pejorative for Ahmadis) women to lose their unborn child in their womb.’

In the six-minute video, the leader who is the district head of the Mandi Bahauddin area, he does not stop there but goes on with his hate-speech.

“Such a blasphemer should not be born, and those that are born we will not leave them alive,” he said referring to those from the Ahmadi community.

He also goes on to address the law enforcement agencies.

“Those of you who are from the agencies, or if there is any DPO (District Police Officer), District Commissioner or SHO (Station House Officer) present here, listen very carefully and attentively. That dog came here one time to preach, we won’t allow him a second time.” It is unclear if he was referring to anyone specific, but the warning was clear for the LEAs if they attempted to provide protection to Ahmadi families.

TLP has a history of carrying out attacks against the Ahmadi community including the murder of Naseer Ahmad in Rabwah, in August 2022.

In July UN human rights experts expressed deep concern about the lack of attention given to widespread violence against the Ahmadi community.

On September 27, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, CM of the most populous province in Pakistan, said that he was having a mosque built outside which a notice would be put up saying that no “Qadiyanis” (another pejorative term) would be allowed inside.

“We call upon the international community and human rights groups to stand up against this injustice against the Ahmadis in Pakistan, and urge the media and government to immediately cease the spread of hate speech in the country which endangers countless innocent lives,” said a statement by an NGO the International Human Rights Committee. “We impress upon the government to honour its responsibility to provide adequate protection and freedom of religious practice to Ahmadis, and to bring its laws and practices to conformity with international standards.”

No official statement has been released from the Ahmadi community as yet.

On May 5, 2020, Pakistan’s cabinet established the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) and adopted the position of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony not to include Ahmadis among its members. Information Minister Shibli Faraz stated after the cabinet meeting that Ahmadis did not “fall in the definition of minorities.”

An estimated 4 million Ahmadis live in Pakistan, a country of 212 million, and face widespread abuse and discrimination.



  1. Listen carefully voicepk or whatever you are, qadianis are not Muslims
    According to Constitution of Pakistan
    and they have no right to spread their shity religion, If they want to spread it
    We will cut them into pieces as we did earlier
    Qadianis are kafir kafir and kafir

  2. These are all efforts to destabilize Pakistan and prove to the world that this country does not deserve to be a nuclear power. Time will come when unrest in the country will be used as a cause to invade the country and to destroy its nuclear capabilities.

  3. Lol.. You were the forefront of creating the exclusive land of Pakistan for Ideology of Islam from India, a seperate country called Pakistan.
    Your bigotry is so strong that all though he also mentions about Hindu (Sikhs) also which you mention in this website but not in your tweets.


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