27 September 2022

By Shaukat Korai

Karachi: Eminent artists, photographers, and school children displayed their works in an art show to help with relief assistance for the flood victims in the country.

A one-day show called Picture of Hope was organized by Dawn Relief at the Arts Council in Karachi on September 25. The artists presented art pieces and photographs in the show as a donation towards relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims. The art pieces depicted culture, history and hope in difficult times. The art show was attended by a large number of citizens who also bought art pieces on sale.

The artists included Ashir Bhatti, Beygum Bano, Daft Draft, Faizan Riedinger, Fizza Saleem, IRDK Maham, K. Align, Marium Kamal, Mughal Empress and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Artist and architect Khush Momo Pasha , who participated in the art show, also explained the details of his digital art to the participants. She said the artists have gathered here for a great cause. “My digital art pieces depict rising sea level due to global warming and climate change,” she told Voicepk.

Ibad Ahmed, a representative of Dawn Relief, said his organisation was working for relief and rehabilitation of victims from the first day of floods in the country. “The artists have presented their artworks as a donation in this exhibition and the proceeds will be handed over to the flood relief camps in Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” he added.

He said the organisers had tagged donated artworks and photographs with a price and all proceeds collected from their sale would go towards helping flood victims. 

Participating in the art show, Dr TJ said that the people in flood-hit areas were facing a terrible situation. “We all should help the flood victims, be it an awareness campaign or a show like this, we should participate in it,” Dr TJ added.

Famous politician Dr Farooq Sattar also attended the Dawn Relief Show. “This is a noble cause to which we all should contribute,” he told Voicepk.net.

Citizens of Karachi appreciated the initiatives of Dawn Relief, photographers and artists.

The visitors expressed appreciation that the artworks and photographs came from all areas of the country, reflecting a unified nation’s response to the natural calamity. The visitors also praised artworks sent in by school children for the exhibition.

“My children enjoyed seeing the drawings of children and made them realise the suffering from the floods,” a man who came with his family to the exhibition said. A female visitor said she was inspired by the work of the artists’ community towards helping displaced flood victims.  

The art show organized by Dawn Relief continued from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM in which the citizens of Karachi participated in large numbers and bought the artworks displayed.



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