Taxila teenaged sisters raped for months after abduction

A landlord and his employee had raped two teenage sisters for four months after abducting them in Taxila.

Their father told police that his 16 and 18 years old daughters were abducted by the local landlord and his personal employee four months ago. He said his daughters were also raped in the illegal confinement. The girls told the family about their ordeal after escaping from their illegal confinement. The police registered a case after their medical examination confirmed the sexual assault. However, no arrest has been made so far.

Man kills sister, her daughter over ‘honour’

In another case of honour killing, a man gunned down his married sister and her daughter in a village of Faisalabad.

According to police, the woman’s husband Akram said her wife`s brother Shahbaz was annoyed at her wife Azra and daughter Rabiya for giving a statement in favour of a local landlord Imdad who allegedly had kidnapped them. Azra and Rabiya testified in court that they were not kidnapped by Imdad against whom the family had registerd a kidnapping case.

The woman and her daughter returned home after a patch up was arranged by village elders. However, Shahbaz bore a grudge against her sister for tarnishing the family’s honour by eloping with Imad. He scaled the wall of her sister’s house and opened fire on Azra and Rabiya, killing them on the spot. Police was conducting raids to arrest the suspected murderer.

PHC upholds order for psychiatric treatment
The Peshawar High Court has upheld a lower court’s order for psychiatric treatment of a double-murder suspect, rejecting his bail application.

In its order, the bench said there were two conflicting reports by medical boards about the murder suspect’s mental illness while he also wanted in several criminal cases registered against him.

The trial court had adjourned his trial till his recovery from mental illness and referred him to the custody of the mental ward of Police and Services Hospital in Peshawar for treatment in June. The trial court had rejected his bail application. The petitioner`s counsel told the high court that his client was admittedly a patient of bipolar disorder and he was entitled to be released on bail as required under section 466 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.


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