July 2, 2022

By Shafique Shar

KAIRPUR: Police have failed to recover a Hindu boy who was kidnapped five days ago while going to a tuition centre in Ranipur town of Khairpur district.

Surprisingly, police have not yet registered a case over the kidnapping yet. The boy’s abduction has spread panic among the local Hindu community in the district. The boy’s family and community members protested outside the local police station to call for early recovery of the teenager. A large number of citizens along with representatives of civil society later staged a sit-in on the National Highway in Ranipur, blocking traffic on Sindh-Punjab border for over six hours.

According to the boy’s father Hero Mal, the eight-year-old boy Adesh was kidnapped by two unidentified men on a motorcycle while he was going to a tuition centre in Ranipur.

“My grandchild was going to the tuition centre along with two of his classmates when two men on a motorycle forcibly took him away in the street,” the boy’s grandmother told Voicepk.net.

“One of Adesh’s mates tried to resist the abductors but fell down and they fled with Adesh on the bike,” she said.

The elderly woman appealed to the government for the immediate recovery of his grandchild.

The protesters dispersed after assurance from Senior Superintendent of Police Zafar Iqbal Malik that police would ensure the boy’s recovery within 24 hours.

After the abduction of the Hindu child, panic has spread in the Hindu community across the district and Hindu citizens have been confined to their homes. Voicepk.net contacted SSP Zafar Iqbal Malik who refused to comment saying police was working on the case. He hung up the phone when he was asked whether the police had registered a case over the boy’s abduction yet.

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