In-laws allegedly set woman on fire in Haripur

The parents of a 25-year-old woman have accused her husband and in-laws in Jati Pind village of burning her alive on Friday.

According to Saddar Police, the victim was completely burnt when she had been brought in to the trauma center Thursday evening, where doctors pronounced her dead. The woman’s husband claimed that she had committed suicide by self-immolation, however her father alleged that she had complained of being violently abused by her spouse and in-laws since tying the knot a few years ago.

The victim’s father told police that on Thursday the accused once again beat his daughter and set her on fire to erase the torture marks. An autopsy was carried out on the complaint of the father, which is currently awaited.

Three women murdered by their spouses

Three women were murdered by their respective spouses in Kurianwala, stated police.

In the first incident, one Mazhar Abbas told Saddar Police that his sister, Fakhra Kulsoom, had been shot dead by her husband of 13 years, Imran Zahid. He stated that his sister and brother-in-law often quarreled, and decided to separate and move back to her parents’ home barely two days ago. Zahid managed to persuade her to return with him for the sake of their four children. However, the next day at 4 AM, he opened fire on her, killing her on the spot.

In the second case, one Gulzar Ahmed lodged a complaint with the police that his 27-year-old daughter Nasira Bibi moved back in with her parents nine days ago due to a domestic dispute with her husband, Mujahid Iqbal. Iqbal persuaded her to come back to him, however upon returning to their home, he allegedly tortured her before strangling her with a noose. The complainant added that the accused locked the body in a room before fleeing. She was found dead in the suspect’s home by her family after they were informed of the incident. Police have launched a search operation for the accused.

In the third incident, one Abdul Ghafoor, a resident of Sahiwal, told police his son-in-law Asif and his brothers Murtaza and Mustafa poisoned his daughter Zahran Bibi. She was shifted to a hospital where she died. A case has been registered.

Jamrud councilors boycott polio meeting

Jamrud councilors on Friday boycotted a meeting on polio eradication at Jirga Hall for being made to attend sans any electricity at the venue.

Shahid Khan Afridi, leader of the Independent Panel, told media that they had not been briefed by the administration on the agenda for the meeting. He added that they were also not given any information regarding appointments for vacant posts in the polio eradication programme, and accused the health department of recruiting outsiders for vaccination drives.


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