“Missing” Karachi girl claims she ran away for free-will marriage

Dua Zahra, the young woman who went missing from Karachi over a week ago has released a video statement in which she has accused her own father of trying to marry her off to her cousin Zain ul Abideen against her will. She claims that she ran away from her house on her own to marry Zaheer and is now happily living in her husband’s house in Pakpatan.
It is worth mentioning that Dua Zahra’s marriage certificate lis ts her age as 18 years while according to the birth certificate shared by her family with the media the girl is a 14-year-old minor who cannot be legally married.

Cholera epidemic in Karachi 

According to medical experts from various public and private hospitals in Karachi the city is going through a severe Cholera epidemic. Though Cholera has always been prevalent in Karachi the last two months have seen an unusual boom in the number of people coming to hospitals with Cholera symptoms. According to doctors, such an increase has not been observed in years. These diseases spread through contaminated water and an unhealthy diet and can be fatal if not identified in time.

Child killed during a police encounter 

Obaid Imran an 8-year-old boy lost his life after being hit by a stray bullet during a police encounter near his home. According to police sources, policeman Manaan was shot at by robbers fleeing a scene of crime near Obaid’s house. During the resulting exchange of fire, a stray bullet hit Obaid in the abdomen and killed him on the spot. The authorities are investigating the matter and have not been able to ascertain the origin of the bullet which killed Obaid.


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