Juvenile gets 7 years prison term over sexual assault

A juvenile has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment for sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl in Peshawar.

The child protection court also ordered that the juvenile convict would be eligible for release on probation after completing four years of his sentence. He will be sent to a juvenile rehabilitation center inside the jail. The court also barred revealing the identity of the victim and convict under the Juvenile Justice System Act 2018.

4 cops suspended over firing on a car

Four police officials in Lahore have been suspended for firing at a car in which the vehicle’s driver was wounded.

These police officials had initially claimed they resorted to firing because the man was a wanted criminal who sped away in his car after being signaled to stop. A police investigation later proved that the wounded man was a factory employee and not a criminal as claimed earlier.

COVID medical waste posing a grave threat: report

Improper disposal of COVID medical waste like masks, face shields, gloves, protective gear, and nasal swabs is posing a grave threat to Pakistan’s environment, according to a report by Express Tribune.

The report said the COVID-related medical waste is being mixed with regular garbage instead of being disposed of in medical waste incinerators as required by the law. Health officials have also failed to devise and implement a proper mechanism for disposal COVID pandemic medical waste in the country, the report added.


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