Killer of 7-day-old daughter arrested

Mianwali police on March 10 arrested a man accused of murdering his seven-day-old daughter. The accused had shot and killed her daughter because he wanted a son. The accused, who was on the run since March 7, was arrested from Bhakkar.

Teacher sacked over harassment

Professor Anwar Gilani, Vice-Chancellor of University of Haripur has said that the services of an assistant professor have been terminated after he was found guilty of harassment.
The VC also announced that another teacher has been suspended on charges of harassment pending an inquiry.

Rape accused gets life

Additional sessions judge Laalian Nabeela Jaffry gave life imprisonment to an accused of raping a woman in 2018. The court also ordered the accused Muhammad Hassan to pay a fine of Rs. 25000. The court acquitted a co-accused on the basis of non-availability of proof.


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