HRCP protests enforced disappearance of university student

On Tuesday the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) organized a protest at the Faisal Chowk in Lahore for the recovery of forcibly disappeared university student Kaleem-ul-Allah Cheema. Cheema was a member of the Punjab National Movement and has been missing for the past month. His family and organization have lodged an FIR for his disappearance.

Nazim Jokhio’s wife forgives murderers 

In a video uploaded to social media Nazim Jokhio’s wife Shireen has announced that she has decided to forgive the murderers of her husband. She says that she has had to take this tough decision because she can no longer keep fighting According to Nazim Jokhio’s wife, Shereen’s lawyers, Shereen has completely cut off contact with him, leading to fears that Shereen intends to make peace with Nazim’s killers. The victim is trying to get justice for her husband.

Man kills wife and 4-month-old son

Shaan Mohammad, a resident of Faisalabad, stabbed his wife and 4-month-old baby to death. According to police sources Shan wanted his wife’s younger sister to marry his younger brother. Upon his wife’s refusal, he killed her and his son in a fit of rage. The police have taken Shan and his younger brother into custody.


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