21st March 2022

By Asra Haque

Pakistan’s first ever National Women’s Moot Court Competition 2022 concluded on Sunday, with students of the Punjab University Law College (PULC) bagging the gold.
The two-day event, organized by the Youth General Assembly (YGA) with the support of the Business & Law School (BLS), not only provided female law students the opportunity to polish their skills and prepare them for a life of professional practice in the courts, but also showcased a panel of bright women lawyers as judges in the competition.
Amna Adnan Khawaja, who is employed at Ali Khan Law Associates while also studying law at Kinnaird College, lauded the efforts of the YGA and the BLS in organizing the event.
“It’s great that all these [young] female students are here, giving their arguments. And they are so confident while doing that!” she said. “I am very happy that such an initiative has been taken.”
Arifa Kanwar from the PULC told Voicepk.net that this was her first moot and that it has been crucial in helping hoping her talent for litigation. She also found that as a woman, the environment at the event was safe and comfortable.
“Women are being highlighted in a moot which is being arranged by women, has women participants, and being judged by women. It’s an all-women event and it can set a very good precedent for the times to come.”
Attiya Abdul, also from the same institution, said that this was her first moot competition and she had learnt much from it.
“We had good interactions with the community. The adjudicators are good, they advised us on litigation procedures and advocacy skills,” she said. “It is a well-organized event.”
Ayza Yusuf from the School of Law (SOL) in Kasur, who has participated in three moots so far, told Voicepk.net that the National Women’s Moot Court Competition 2022 at BLS was the first of its kind that she had the opportunity to be a part of.
“This is my third year mooting at BLS, it’s been a great experience,” she said. “This is the first of its kind national women’s moot court, and prior to this I have never attempted a moot specifically for women. I think its a great step in promoting women.”
Advocate Khalid Latif, faculty member at SOL Kasur and Yusuf’s coach said that all participants would soon enter the professional field and this event could provide them with a taste of life outside of studies.
“Most of the students here are in their final or fourth year, and they will soon begin practicing [law] or enter judicial services or civil services. This competition is essential in raising their confidence and equipping them with skills which will help them in their practical lives,” he said.
Speaking on the YGA’s role in organizing the event, YGA Managing Director Kamran Shakoor stated that the forum is always exploring new and unique initiatives. Prior to the
“In January 2022, we conducted Pakistan’s first ever national urdu moot court competition. We are back with a new initiative, that is this national women’s moot court competition.
He told Voicepk.net that the onus behind this event was to advocate for equal representation of women in the legal field.
“Women are not given the same opportunities as men in the field of law. It is difficult for them to get their rights. That is why we are raising our voice regarding this issue and are encouraging people, especially women, to participate in this moot, to pursue the legal profession and create a friendly space for themselves in the courts.”
Following the conclusion of the preliminaries, four teams of the PULC proceeded to the semifinals. In the final round, the respondent team in the mock trial of a petition calling for an amendment to the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act of 1973 to include a quota for women were declared the all-round winners of the competition.
Justice (R) Nasira Javid Iqbal awarded shields for best team and runner-up to PULC, while YGA Business Forum President Seher Tarar presented the award for best advocate to Umm-e-Aimen, best memorial applicant to Government of Sindh Law College, best memorial respondent to SOL Kasur, and gave special mention to SOL Lahore.


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