March, 5th 2022 

By Munizae Jahangir


Mukhtar Mai claims that the men who raped her over two decades ago are still threatening her and her family, forcing her to leave her family home. She made these claims during an exclusive conversation with Munizae Jahangir, founding editor of in During a conversation with’s founding editor Munizae Jahangir.

“I have had to block over 300 numbers because I kept on getting threatening phone calls. People from the Mastoi clan have been sending audio recordings in WhatsApp groups declaring that they will parade me naked in the village. I feel unsafe,” declares Mukhara Mai. 

According to Mukhtara the local police, who even at the time of the incident carried out a botched investigation, still seem to be collaborating with her tormentors in the Mastoi clan. “I forwarded these threatening audio messages to Mr. Jatoi, SHO of the local police station. But he refused to take adequate measures. The SHO told me that this case pertains to cybercrime law and is not under the ambit of the local police. So much so that I was supposed to get police guards for my protection which I did not get for over a month,” continues Mukhtar.

“I am tired of explaining to everyone that my life is in danger, over and over again. So I decided to leave my village along with my children. I sometimes go back to visit but I cannot live there,” concludes Mukhtar. 

In response to her plea, Munizae Jahangir appealed to the government to intervene and to make sure that Mukhtar is safe.


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