Two arrested for ‘honour’ killing in Swabi

Police arrested a man and his son-in-law for allegedly murdering his daughter for ‘honour’ two weeks ago in Zarobi village, Topi.

During a media brief on Friday, police said the incident took place on February 9 however the accused had initially claimed that his daughter died of natural causes. However, local residents alleged she had been killed.

Upon interrogating the victim’s father, he claimed that her husband forced her to perform for his friends and made videos of her. His son-in-law threatened his daughter with uploading her videos to social media and sending them to her family whenever she refused to dance.

The accused said that his daughter refused to comply with her husband’s demands, at which he sent the videos to his father-in-law. Upon seeing the clips, the suspect told police that he killed his daughter by poisoning her for ‘honour’.

Police also provided that the victim’s mother admitted to police that she had helped her husband bury the body. Following a court order, the police were able to exhume the deceased woman’s body and secure samples for medical analysis.

A first information report (FIR) has been registered against the victim’s father and her husband.

Three-day ‘Haya Campaign’ launched across Pakistan

The Tanzeem-e-Islami on Friday launched a countrywide three-day ‘Haya Campaign’ ahead of International Women’s Day (March 8).

Shujauddin Sheikh, the religious organization’s current emir, regretted that most Muslim women are ignoring Sharia regarding the hijab due to the ignorance of Muslim men. He also called for a ban on dowry and lavish weddings in order to enable women from poor households to marry.

120 disabled persons get CNICs

Over 120 disabled persons received special computerized national identity cards (SCNICs) and disability certificates during a camp organized by the NOWPDP, a non-government organization for disability inclusion, and the Sindh Government.

The one-window SCNIC camp helped facilitate and speed up the process for attendees. The camp also featured a number of assistive devices and had sign language interpreters to aid persons with hearing and speaking impairments.


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