Robbers shot dead by citizen 

In a twist of fate when two decoits tried to rob a resident of Karachi, Usman, in the Jahanabad area of Karachi he fired gunshots from his licensed firearm in self-defense. As a result of the firing one alleged robber died on the spot while the other was killed in a road accident while trying to escape the site. The police arrived on the scene and recovered a 9 mm firearm from the possession of the alleged robbers. Though the police have failed to certain the identities of the two robbers so far.

GM Syed’s birthday: Sindhi nationalists booked on sedition charges

The Sindh police have registered two separate cases against some 60 workers of several Sindhi nationalist organizations for allegedly chanting anti-state slogans at an event organized to commemorate G.M Sayed on the occasion of his 118th birthday. The event was organized by the Sindh United Party and was being held at the residence of G.M Sayed’s grandson Jalal Mehmood Shah. The Jamshuru Police aided by the Sindh rangers started arresting workers right after the event concluded on Monday.

Woman attacked in Lahore High Court

A girl was attacked by her relatives in the vicinity of the Lahore High Court (LHC) for contracting marriage without their consent. The girl and her husband have arrived at the LHC for the quashing of a kidnapping FIR against the husband. Police officers present at the scene immediately intervened and safely escorted the couple to the concerned courtroom.


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