3 including stage actress arrested for Kidnapping of minor boy in Multan

Stage actress Aima Khan married a resident of Okara names Mudassar some four years ago. But the couple had not been able to conceive. Under emotional distress Aima pressured her husband and his brother Muzammil to get her a child for adoption under and paid them a sum of 5 lac for the task. Under pressure from Aima both Muzaffar and Mudassir kidnapped 2 and a half year old Naqeebullah from near the Delhi gate in Multan and brought him to Aima’s house. The boy was rescued by the police within 30 hours.

Sister killed for not forgiving brother’s murder

Nearly two years ago, an accused named Nadeem had murdered Sahiba Bibi’s son Ijaz and was pressuring the family of the victim for reconciliation – while Mrs. Bibi was insisting on seeking justice for her son. On Tuesday night Nadeem accompanied by two unidentified armed accomplices barged into Sahiba Bibi’s house and shot her young daughter Rabia. The culprits managed to flee the scene of the crime.

Accused of blasphemy released on bail after 4 years

The accused was arrested on November 24, 2017 on charges of creating a fake account on social media from the name of the complainant and posting blasphemous material on it. The case had been in limbo for 4 years. In his judgment Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked that since the statutory period for concluding the trial (2 years) has long lapsed giving bail to the suspect is not a concession but his right. Counsel for the accused termed the judgment historic.


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