Parents of rape victim decry police negligence 

Parents of a 15-year-old mentally handicapped girl who was sexually assaulted have alleged that Bahawalnagar police are providing protection to the accused. According to the parents, their daughter was sexually assaulted on November 30 and the police registered an FIR on December 1, but so far neither the accused has been arrested nor the girl has undergone a DNA test. Is. An initial medical report has confirmed the rape.

Man murders 6-year-old girl to avenge divorce

In the Samundari Tehsil of Faisalabad, a man allegedly suffocated and killed a six-year-old girl born to his ex-wife to avenge his divorce. Police have arrested the accused and registered a case. According to the girl’s mother, her husband was abusive to her, so she divorced him. Even then the husband tried to force her to stay with him when she refused the man killed her 6-year-old daughter in revenge.

Wife murdered

In the Chak Jhumra area of ​​Faisalabad, a man along with a few other family members allegedly killed his wife because she was seeking a divorce from him. According to the father of the slain girl, her daughter had filed for a divorce last year as she was fed up with domestic violence. However, her husband later reconciled with the girl and took her home, where he killed her for daring to seek divorce in the first place.


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