Minor boy murdered after rape in Nasirabad

A 10-year-old boy was killed after being tortured and raped by unknown suspects in Nasirabad, Balochistan.

According to the local police, the victim’s body was discovered in a nearby nursery by a group of children playing cricket in the playground of the Government Degree College Nasirabad on Friday, January 14. The body was shifted to the Nasirabad Hospital for an autopsy, where it was confirmed that the boy had been sexually assaulted. The body also bore marks of torture on the throat and chest.

The victim’s maternal uncle identified him as Nadeem Ahmed, who had gone missing a day earlier after leaving his home in Syed Mohalla. Police are investigating the incident.

Five killed for ‘honour’ in separate incidents

Five people, including two teenagers, were murdered under the pretext of honour in separate incidents.

In the first incident, police on Friday managed to arrest a man for murdering his 13-year-old niece two months ago in Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan District. The victim’s father, Hafizullah, lodged a case regarding her murder at the Sadiqabad police station on October 17, 2021. He stated he was visiting a local market when his brother, Ataullah, told him that his daughter, Raheeba, was being shifted to the district headquarters (DHQ) hospital after she had been shot by unidentified persons.

The complainant added that as soon as he reached the hospital, he was told his daughter had succumbed to her injuries. Following a probe, it emerged that the young girl had been engaged to a first cousin against her will, and that she had wanted to marry another boy of her choice. Police arrested Attaullah after investigating the family members, who confessed to murdering his niece as he suspected she had plans to elope with her boyfriend.

In another incident, a man on Friday murdered his wife and a ninth-grader for ‘honour’ in Jijal, Lower Kohistan district as he had suspected the two of having an affair. The teenager was on his way to school when he was intercepted by the accused and shot dead. The suspect then went back home where he gunned down his wife.

In a separate incident that same day, unidentified attackers shot dead a man and a married woman in the Darazinda tehsil of Dera Ismail Khan. The 36-year-old made victim was ambushed by armed men in Darazinda Bazaar where he died on the spot. The assailants then killed a woman in her home in Kot Falak. According to the deceased man’s father, his son was killed for allegedly having an affair with the female victim, while the woman’s father told police that his daughter was killed by her in-laws as they suspected her of having an affair. A case has been registered and the bodies of the deceased handed over to their kin after postmortem examinations.

Two killed for ‘honour’ for ghag in South Waziristan

The father of a girl on Friday shot dead a man who laid claim to his daughter under ghag in Azam Warsak area near Wana, South Waziristan. A friend of the man was also killed in the attack.

According to police, some months ago, one of the deceased fired a gun in the air outside the home of the accused as a customary practice to announce his intention to marry his daughter. The 26-year-old man was arrested after a case was registered under charges of ghag, however he was eventually released on bail by a local court. The girl’s father opened fire on the man when he was in the area, killing him and a friend on the spot.

Police state that the deceased’s family has refused to lodge an FIR.


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