January 4th, 2021

By Zeenat Shehzadi


Police have arrested three suspects in connection with the murder of two sisters, whose dead bodies were found inside of a plastic drum dumped in a sewer drain at Mamu Kanjan town on November 29.

According to police, the elder of the two sisters, Amna, who was married, was allegedly friends with a man named Omar. Omar along with his two accomplices Abu Bakr and Iftikhar first killed Zafar, Amna’s husband. A few days later, the accused lured both sisters to a location in Mamu Kanju town where they also killed Amna and her 22-year-old unmarried sister Zainab for fear that they might be exposed as killers of Zafar.

Both sisters were resident of Ghulam Muhammadabad locality in the city. Ali, eldest of Amna’s three children, was with his maternal grandmother. Consequent to the murders, the other two siblings were moved to Darul Aman (shelter house) but were now living with their paternal grandparents.

Upon hearing of the gruesome killings, neighbours gathered at the house of the two sisters’ parent. Their mother was devastated upon seeing the dead bodies of her young daughters, brought home after autopsy from a local hospital. Recalling the day when she last saw her daughters alive, their mother said that both sisters had left home in the afternoon saying they were going to bazaar for shopping. “We called them on their cell phone after a couple of hours but they did not pick up,” the mother said. By evening the cell phone was switched off, she added.

The father of the slain women said that her daughters used to work in Vehari. He said Zafar would often beat up and abuse Amna. “I brought them home from Vehari when my son-in-law went missing,”  he said. According to him, the suspects were acquaintances of Zafar and also visited his son-in-law’s house.

SSP Investigation Captain (r) Rao Ajmal said a report of abduction of Amna’s husband was lodged a few days ago. “The dead bodies were identified during investigation and interrogation of suspects nominated in the abduction case. “During interrogation, the suspects consequently also led police to the spot where they had killed Zafar and dumped his body,” the SSP Investigation said.

Suspects were remanded in police custody. Neighbours said police had acted swiftly to arrest suspects involved in the killings. However, they demanded that the bereaved family should be given speedy justice and the culprits punished severely.


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