Lakki Marwat women protest gas, electricity shortage

A group of women on Tuesday staged a sit-in on the main road of Lakki City in Lakki Marwat district to protest hours-long gas and electricity load-shedding in the area. Demonstrators called on the provincial government to bring an end to outages, which some claimed would last 14 to 18 hours daily.

The veiled protesters also burned gas and electricity bills, denouncing having to pay thousands for utilities that they could not even use. The sit-in continued for six hours as male passersby joined, and concluded when officials, including the tehsil chairperson and councilor, district administrators, and officers of the Peshawar Electric Supply Corporation, reached the protest site and assured of redressing their grievances.

Peshawar workplaces sans anti-harassment committees to be fined

Public and private workplaces in Peshawar will be fined up to Rs. 100,000 for not constituting anti-harassment committees, according to a decision by the provincial Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Rukhshanda Naz on Tuesday, December 28.

40 organizations, including educational institutions, healthcare units and banks, have been fined so far for delaying the establishment of these committees. According to an order earlier this year, workplaces in the provincial capital were directed to nominate three women candidates for the committee and submit their names to the Office of the Ombudsperson.

Two arrested for harassing woman on Lahore Ring Road

Police on Tuesday arrested suspects Ahsan and Faiz for harassing a woman who was travelling in her car via Lahore Ring Road on Saturday, December 25.

According to the victim, she was driving home at around 8 PM when she noticed she was being tailed by a white BRV. In a Twitter post, she stated she switched lanes to give way to the car behind her, however the driver continued tailing and honking at her incessantly before trapping her in the fast lane. She said one of the occupants of the BRV ordered her to stop her car.

The complainant said she alerted the police at this point. The BRV proceeded to block her path by parking in the middle of the exit ramp. She stated she remained trapped until two other cars approached the exit, and the harassers had no choice but to give way. The victim related that the BRV drove ahead at the signal, where there was plenty of traffic and therefore the suspects could not do anything.

The woman further added that the police called her back a few times and told her they could not find the BRV, despite the fact she had given the number plate. The police were later able to trace the car and arrested the culprits within the jurisdiction of the Heir police.


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