4th November 2021

Ahmed Saeed

The body of 27-year-old Nazim Jokhio, who uploaded a video of foreign tourists poaching migratory houbara bustards in Sindh’s Thatta, was recovered outside the farmhouse of a Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) member on Wednesday, October 3. His family allege he was killed over said video, which had gone viral on social media.

Police have lodged a first information report (FIR) against Jam Owais Jokhio, an MPA of Sindh’s ruling party, on the complaint of the deceased’s brother, Afzal Jokhio. However, the accused has yet to be arrested.

Prior to his murder, Nazim recorded a video message in which said he was getting death threats.

“I shared a live video around 4pm today. Some Arabs and locals intercepted me and snatched away my phone. After giving back my phone, they tortured me,” he is heard saying in a voice message circulated on WhatsApp. “I dialed 15 and informed the police, but no one came. After beating me up, the assailants fled.”

Nazim further says that he immediately went to a nearby police station and lodged a complaint. Following that, several people visited his home and told him to delete the video.

“Now, I’m getting death threats over the phone. They are telling me to delete the video or something really bad will happen to me,” he narrates. “I am not afraid of anyone and neither will I apologize.”

“Let this video be put on record. If someone tries harming me, or if something happens to me, then these people will be responsible. I am being pressured, and I am getting death threats.”

According to Afzal, Jam Owais summoned him and his brother to his dera, and had his employees violently thrashed him. The complainant said Nazim died on the spot.

“Tuesday evening, some locals and a group of Arabs came to us and told us they were Jam Owais’s people,” he said, explaining that Arabs normally visited this region to hunt bird. He recalled that the mob had blocked the road the brothers were travelling on, and Nazim quickly recorded the whole thing.

Afzal said Nazim began getting threats after that.

“Jam Owais, who is an MPA, called me and demanded that I bring my brother to his dera,” he continued. “Nazim was told to delete the video and apologize but he refused. He was dragged into a room where he was beaten.”

The complainant said Nazim remained captive throughout the night. In the morning, his family received a call that he had died.

Police say they have arrested two people who had tortured Nazim to death. Afzal, however, rejected the police’s statement and vowed to continue protests until MPA Jam Owais Jokhio is arrested.

Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)’s Sindh Chapter, Asad Butt, said the incident exposed the cruel tactics of the province’s feudal system. He further stated that because the prime accused is a powerful elite and that Nazim had been murdered for trying to expose how they lived outside the purview of the law, there is very little hope that the aggrieved family will attain justice.


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