October 15th, 2021

By Asim Khan 


Family members of the victims of a bomb blast in Kech have been protesting since Sunday October 10, outside the Governor House near the Sayed Faiz Chowk, Quetta. They have with them the victims’ bodies, two minor children.

The family members of the deceased started their protest movement by staging a demonstration in Turbat city but were later forced to move their demonstration to Quetta after a lack of response from the administration.

“We sat with the bodies of our deceased in Turbat for three whole days but no representative of the government or the district administration approached us for negotiations. For this reason, we had to carry the bodies of our deceased 800 Kilometers away from our hometown and come here to Quetta in the hope that it’ll help highlight our plight,” says XYZ.

According to Liaqat Shahwani, spokesperson of the government of Balochistan the concerned authorities are negotiating with the families to address their legitimate demands. “I agree that they are aggrieved. And we share their pain. The Chief Minister has taken notice of their plight and our commissioner is on his way to meet them. We will listen to their demands and try to resolve this matter amicably,” explained Shahwani in a press conference on the issue.

Several key political leaders from Balochistan have been frequenting the sit-in to express solidarity with the families. “These people staged a sit-in with the bodies of their deceased in Turbat but no one listened to their plight. Then when these families decided to enter Quetta the administration tried to block their way by putting up obstacles. The families were asked to bury their loved ones in the dead of the night but they refused. Apart from their obvious demands one of their key demands which we stand by is the removal of Frontier Core (FC) check posts from public/family areas and parks,” says Shumaila Ismail, a local leader of the Balochistan National Party Mengal (BNP-M).

The aggrieved families have demanded swift justice for their loved ones. They want to see the person who shot the mortar bomb at the children behind bars as soon as possible.



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