October 3rd, 2021 

By Umar Bacha 


Dilshad Pari, Chitral’s first female Station House Officer (SHO), is a living embodiment of determination and courage. Owing to her consistent hard work Dilshad has been appointed as the SHO of the Shaoor Police Station in Chitral and has become the first woman to be appointed to this office in the entire Malakand Division.

A quick look at Dilshad’s portfolio reveals that she has spent much of her life preparing for such a responsivity, “In addition to having an LLB I also have a masters in Chemistry and a diploma in physical education and right now I am working on my masters in Journalism. My rank in the police is that of a Sub-Inspector,” says Dilshad while proudly elaborating on her achievements.

“My appointment by the KP police has acted as a confidence booster for women in my locality. Before my appointment, if the women in my area were facing troubles at home they did not come to the police station because they did not believe that the men sitting at the station will be able to understand what they are going through. Now that I have been appointed women can comfortably come to the police station and explain the issues they are facing. I think such support has led to a drastic reduction in the suicide rates among the women of my area,” explains Dilshad.

“My goal in life is to do everything in my power to help- the most marginalized segments of our society,” continues Dilshad.

According to Dilshad Pari, her father retired after honorable service in the police and became a source of inspiration for her. She tried to get into the Police Cadet college three times before being finally let in.

Dilshad Pari is determined to empower other women in her locality and believes in the need for swift and cheap justice for the people in Dilshad Pari wants to empower women from backward areas like Chitral and strives to provide them cheap justice.

“I want to use your platform to announce to the women of my area that the police station is now a safe space for you and if you are facing issues of any kind feel free to visit us without any hesitation,” concludes Dilshad.

Dilshad Pari’s induction into the police has led to a wave of happiness amongst the women of Chitral and it has created hope in the people of her area that her induction is just the beginning and that in the future women of Chitral will break even more barriers.


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