Pakistani Girl murdered in Italy

Italy has demanded that the Pakistani government extradite the parents of 18-year-old Saman Abbas, who were allegedly involved in murdering Saman. According to reports Saman’s parents wanted to force her marry someone of their choice but she refused. She even ran away from her house due to the pressure, but returned in April this year. Soon after he return she disappeared from her own house. Police believes that Saman was strangled to death by her parents. Police have arrested the girl’s uncle Hasnain in Paris and accused him of killing his niece at the instigation of her parents.

Women dies under mysterious circumstances

A woman in Haripur has died under mysterious circumstances. According to the girl’s husband, the woman was electrocuted while washing clothes. The girl’s father, on the other hand, has denied the husband’s statement, alleging that his daughter was deliberately electrocuted because she was angry with her in-laws. Police have conducted an autopsy and are investigating the matter

Rape accused escapes police custody from court

An under-trial rape accused escaped from Sahiwal police’s custody from the district court. The culprit was accused of raping a woman in January this year. DPO Sahiwal has suspended three officials for negligence.


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