Special courts to hear rape cases 

According to a new bill passed by the senate’s standing committee on law and justice titled “Anti-Rape (Investigation and Trail) Bill, 2021” rape cases will now be heard by special courts.

These special courts will be headed by a serving judge and will be bound to decide on cases within four months. Moreover, if the decision of the special court is challenged in a high court, the concerned higher court will also be bound to decide the case in six months. While the perpetrator will not be able to attain bail in the meantime.

 Pakistan’s judicial system is “choked” at this point making speedy trials very difficult. These special courts will ensure timely decisions in cases of rape, members of the committee told the media.


5 members of the same family burnt in an acid attack 

Five people including two children were burnt in an acid attack in the Jalalabad village of Bahawalpur district on Tuesday.

According to the police the suspect, Akram, snuck into the victims’ house in the cover of darkness and flung acid on them as they slept to settle an “old score”. The suspect managed to flee the scene while the police have registered a case under the new women’s harassment law.

Gender-Unit received 500 complaints since May 

The Islamabad police’s special gender crime unit headed has received 500 complaints since its inauguration in May, a police source told the media.

The special unit is headed by Islamabad police SP Amna Baig. In addition to employing police officials, the unit also retains trained medical staff, including a psychiatrist, and legal aid groups to assist the vulnerable. 


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