Lahore man nabbed for raping, blackmailing neighbors

Sherakot Police on Monday, September 6, arrested one Tanveer for raping a young girl and her brother, filming the assaults and using the videos to blackmail them for six years.

According to police, the suspect coerced the young girl, his neighbor, into an affair on the pretext of marrying her and secretly filmed obscene videos of her. He then threatened to leak her videos on social media if she did not allow him to continue to rape her. He also began blackmailing the girl’s brother into letting Tanveer molest him.

The suspect allegedly kept sexually assaulting and blackmailing the siblings for six years. On Saturday, September 4, Tanveer had an altercation with the rape survivors’ father. According to the father’s statement to the police, he had told off the suspect for pointing a laser at his house during a power failure. Shortly after the altercation, the accused forwarded him videos of his children being assaulted.

Tanveer had was reportedly upset that the siblings had refused to capitulate to his demands any further, and was harassing them into another opportunity to sexual assault them.

Police were able to recover videos of the rape survivors from his cellphone and have registered a case against him.

Man killed, woman injured for ‘honour’ in Karachi

25-year-old Majid was cut down while a 20-year-old woman suffered injuries after they were attacked by the latter’s relatives on Monday.

According to police, they were alerted to the assault by a neighbor who reported of screams from the house next door. Arriving at the scene, Mobina Town Police discovered both victims lying wounded on the floor.

They were taken to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) where Majid succumbed to his wounds just minutes later. The woman was disfigured in the ambush, however doctors have declared her injuries are not life threatening.

Police stated that the victims, both cousins, were attacked by the woman’s brother Sheraz and their maternal uncle Rajab Ali with a cleaver for ‘honour’, as the two were reportedly having an affair. Sheraz and Rajab Ali have been arrested and the murder weapon has been confiscated. A case has been registered.

TTP warns media against “terrorist” label

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Monday issued a warning to Pakistani journalists and media organizations via social media against labelling them a “terrorist” outfit.

Spokesperson for the TTP, Mohammad Khurasani, stated that they found that the media used ‘hateful terms’ such as “terrorists” and “extremists” in its coverage to describe the proscribed militant organization. He stated that the use of these labels was evidence of the ‘partisan role’ of Pakistan’s media. Khurasani suggested the media should refrain from labelling the TTP as such lest it “create enemies for itself.”

The TTP, formed in 2007, was banned by the Federal Government in August 2008 after a spate of terrorist attacks against civilians.


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