Wife murdered over domestic dispute

A man shot and killed his wife, Shehrbano, over a domestic dispute in the Taxila area of Rawalpindi district. According to police, the accused fled with his two sons after the murder. Police took the body into custody which will be handed over to the victim’s family which is residing in Karachi.

Police failed to arrest accused who cut woman’s nose

Rawalpindi police have failed to nab the accused who cut his ex-wife’s nose two weeks earlier. According to the details of the incident, 32-year-old Maryam was abducted by her ex-husband Taj Din on July 27 and took her to an abandoned place where he tied up and cut off her nose with a dagger.

According to Maryam, the accused also wanted to amputate her feet but they were forced to run away due to her painful screams. CPO Rawalpindi Police Ahsan Younis had ordered the immediate arrest of all the accused but the main accused Taj Din has not been arrested yet.

Girl chained by father rescued

Faisalabad police have rescued a woman, Shehla Bibi who was chained in her house. Shehla was imprisoned by her father and brothers so that she could not go to her husband.

Police acted on an informant’s report and filed a case against the father and brothers for illegally detaining the girl.


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