August 13th, 2021 

By Rehan Piracha 


The number of men and women losing their lives in honour killings has jumped 27 percent in Sindh in the first six month of the year as compared to the same period last year.

According to statistics released by Sindh police from January to June 31, the total number of men and women killed over Karo Kari were 83 out of which 67 victims were women and 17 were male. Last year, 51 women and 14 lost their lives in Karo Kari killings in the six-month period.

The killings of women registered an increase of 16 percent while the killings of men increased slightly by 2 percent. The statistics prove that women bear the brunt of honour killings in the country as the majority of those killed are females.

The number of total registered cases of Karo Kari (honor killings) increased to 71 cases in the first six month of this year as compared to 64 cases registered last year in the same period, showing an increase of 11 percent.

Larkana top with 41 cases

The police figures show that no cases of Karo Kari were reported in Karachi and Mirpurkhas police ranges from January to June this year. The Hyderabad police range reported two cases in the period. The majority of Karo Kari cases came from Larkana police range (41 cases), Sukkur (18), and Shaheed Benazirabad (10). The Larkana police range had reported 37 cases while Shaheed Benazirabad reported four cases in the six-month period last year.

Most killers are husbands

According to Sindh police data on the relationship of the accused with the victims of Karo Kari, husbands top the list of those carrying out the heinous crime. From January to June 30, 28 husbands stand accused of committing Karo Kari, down from the figure of 35 in the same period.

Interestingly, the figure of other relatives (excluding father, son, brother, mother, sister) accused of committing Karo Kari jumped to 26 this year as compared to 19 last year. The statistics show that other relatives are now committing the heinous crime of Karo Kari than immediate blood relations.

No mother, daughter, sister has been listed as accused in Karo Killings this year as well as that of last year, implying that the crime is committed mostly by male relatives.

Other weapons

The police data also lists the type of weapon used in Karo Kari killings. The weapons are sten gun/kalashnikov, rifle, revolver/pistol, shot gun, dagger/knife, hatchet, and other weapons. The top choice of weapon has shifted from revolver/pistol last year to other non-listed types of weapons this year. The accused in 35 cases used ‘other weapons’ for Karo killings between January and June 30. Last year, the top weapon of choice was revolver/pistol which the accused used in 25 cases while use of other weapons was reported in 17 cases.

According to the Punjab police website, a total of 237 cases of honour killings were registered in the province last year. The website has not listed honour killings cases registered this year.


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