June 24th, 2021 

By Hamid Riaz & Hassan Raza


The late Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) ex-Senator Usman Kakar was laid to rest on June 23 in the presence of thousands of mourners. Observers have termed the event one of “the biggest in the history of the province.”

The former senator was buried in the cemetery, a few hours’ drive from Quetta, he himself founded some time ago. But the burial was performed amidst serious claims regarding the circumstances of Kakar’s death from members of his family and party colleagues.

Khushal Kakar, son of late senator Usman Kakar recounted his father’s tenure as Senator when he spoke out against the excesses of military intelligence agencies, for which he was warned against several times.

“I am proud of the fact that Usman lala was martyred because he demanded true democracy for the people of Pakistan. He demanded that Pakistan become a true federation. He demanded that Pakistan stop meddling in the affairs of sovereign states like Afghanistan, and focus on getting its own house in order,” says Khushal Kakar.

Khushal claimed that his father was constantly told he would be killed in a manner where his death will be made to look like an accident.

“He particularly advised us not to let his death go unnoticed, because he knew what was being planned against him,” Khushal adds. “The doctors I spoke to told me that the depth of his wound cannot be justified simply by saying that he fell down in his room. How can a person, who was sitting in on bed, injure his head this severely by falling on his blanket? The doctors assert that such a wound occurs when a person is involved in a car crash or is thrown from a considerable height.”

A unanimous demand

Several senators from Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have joined Khushal Khan’s call for the formation of a judicial commission to probe into Usman Kakar’s sudden demise.

“The Supreme Court is the only institution in the country I trust at this point. Even though we know what actually happened, we want the Supreme Court to look into the matter because we want the public to know what these people have done to my father,” demands the late PkMAP leader’s son.

Khushal and several members of his father’s party have vowed to continue Usman Kakar’s struggle for a democratic Pakistan.

“We want to create a new nation… a nation of all the oppressed who will push back against the injustices meted out to us by the country’s powerful establishment,” Khushal declared.