June 26, 2021

By Shere Azam


Women’s rights activists, members of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, representatives of the transgender community and others took to protesting in front of the Karachi Press Club (KPC) over the Prime Minister’s statement recently relating women’s clothing to rape.

The demonstrators condemned the sexist statement and said it was a shame that such misogyny was being perpetrated by the head of the state. Only in a patriarchal system, with a sexist mindset would a victim get the blame even after being raped, rather than the oppressor.

They also said that obsolete and ‘colonial stereotypes’ still existed in non-Western societies, where they continued to believe that men had no control over their sexual desires and cannot control themselves when they see a woman wearing fewer clothes.

These words of the Prime Minister are extremely distressing for the victims and women who have survived terrible violent sexual crimes. He has given a clear message to the oppressed women that they are responsible for the rape and no responsibility is imposed on the rapist.

Speaking to VoicePK.net from Women’s Forum, Shirin Ijaz said that this is not the first time that Imran Khan has made such a statement. He has already made such an irresponsible statement. The prime minister’s words reflect his elite and class distinctions.

Kaleem Durrani, Regional Coordinator, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, said that we are surrounded by FATF and other global issues. However, Imran Khan made an irresponsible statement at the international level stating that the Pakistani nation is a repetition of our entire country. It is certain that a person of common sense will reject this statement of Imran Khan. Imran Khan and his like-minded people do not allow the nation to move forward.

Princess Roy, an activist from the eunuch community, says that many eunuchs, including me, have been raped, and if our Prime Minister makes such a statement, then the efforts we have made so far against rape will be appreciated. Sara wants to bring a bill on the defense of rape for the community, but such a statement has hurt feelings. Abuse has to do with mentality, not clothes.

Human rights activist Nazhat Shirin said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had disappointed us with his statement. The anti-woman statement has created a storm across the country and now this statement is being overlapped. Imran Khan should have been the women of the nation. Apologize to and take action on YAP cases and explain in interview how much the law was enforced on rape cases.

Social leader Asad Iqbal says the prime minister’s statement will encourage abusers. This is a very derogatory statement. No head of state should make such a statement. Clothing should not be associated with abuse. What kind of clothes are they wearing that are abused? In our society, low-minded people take advantage of these statements and the incidence of abuse increases.

Citizens also slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan on the occasion and slammed him


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