Suspect held for raping minor in Karachi’s Essa Nagri

A Judicial Magistrate (East) on Wednesday, May 5, remanded a suspect in policy custody for three days after he was accused of sexually assaulting a ten-year-old girl in Karachi’s Essa Nagri neighbourhood a day prior.

Police stated that the suspect was the brother of the girl’s tutor whose house she would visit for lessons. On the day of the incident, her tutor left her unattended to run an errand. The suspect seized the opportunity and assaulted the minor girl.

The rape survivor eventually managed to escape and informed her family of what occurred upon returning him. Enraged family members and neighbours stormed the home of the accused, and also allegedly resorted to aerial firing. The suspect had managed to escape prior to the mob’s arrival.

Police who arrived at the scene were also attacked by the protesters, and at least four personnel were injured. On Wednesday, law enforcement were able to arrest the alleged molester and present him before a Judicial Magistrate for his remand in order to thoroughly interrogate the accused.

Meanwhile, the girl was reportedly sent for a medical examination the results of which are yet to surface.

Woman found dead under mysterious circumstances at Lahore call center

Police on Wednesday recovered the body of a woman from a call center in Muslim Town, Lahore. The deceased was the owner of the call center.

According to the police, they had been alerted by employees of the center that their building had been locked for the past four days and that the owner was not attending any calls. Upon gaining access, law enforcement personnel discovered the woman’s body, which appeared to be four days old, slumped over a sofa.

The body was shifted to a morgue for an autopsy while forensic experts were called in to examine the crime scene and determine if the woman had been murdered or committed suicide. Meanwhile, police are trying to contact the deceased’s family.

Sister of slain journalist murdered in Haripur

Rida Bibi (28), sister of slain journalist Sohail Khan and a mother of two, was killed when two members of a rival family barged into her home in Hattar village, Haripur, and fired upon her. Rida sustained critical injuries during the ambush and was taken to a rural health center in Kot Najeebullah where she succumbed to her injuries.

Farrukh Khan, the woman’s sibling, accused Musarrat Iqbal and his son Humayun of committing the heinous murder. The aggrieved family had accused the same men as well as another son of Musarrat’s, Ali Sher, for Sohail’s murder two years ago. The journalist was gunned down in broad daylight after dropping off his two children at their school on October 12, 2018.

The Model Criminal Court in Haripur acquitted all three accused after a trial of two years. Two weeks later, the accused once again trespassed into the aggrieved family’s home, and dragged out and tortured Sohail’s father after restraining him against a utility pole. Another case was registered: Mussarat was detained while his two sons evaded arrest, however he was subsequently released a few days prior to this latest attack.

The afflicted family blocked the Haripur-Taxila Road near Hattar village in protest of Rida’s murder and the apparent failure of the Haripur police in arresting the accused.