Four killed in ‘honour’ dispute in Shikarpur

Four men were killed while two others were injured in an armed clash between two groups of the Marfani tribe in Shaham Marfani village in Garhi Yasin, Shikarpur district, on Sunday, May 23. The incident was the result of a three-year-old ‘honour’ dispute.

Abdul Kareem and Muhammad Hashim of Azizullah Marfani’s group, and Abdul Nabi and Sudheer of Shaham Marfani’s group were killed in the clash. According to Azizullah, a man from Shaham’s side had eloped with a woman from his family three years ago. On the day of the incident, Shaham’s family had called over Abdul Kareem and Hashim for negotiations, only to torture and eventually murder both men.

However, the Shaham Marfani group has claimed that some 20 armed men attacked their residence, killing Abdul Nabi and Sudheer dead and injuring two others. Abdul Kareem and Hashim were killed when the Shaham Marfani group returned fire in self-defense.

Three suspects have been arrested as Garhi Yasin police investigate which side initiated the attack. Meanwhile the deceased have been shifted to a government hospital for a postmortem.

Karachi police clerk held for blackmail

The head clerk of the Taimooria police station in Karachi was arrested for making an objectionable video of his wife’s friend and blackmailing her with it. According to police, the accused had threatened the woman of releasing the video on social media if she failed to pay him Rs. 20,000.

Outlaw killed in encounter in Kohat

The Cantonment police on Monday, May 24, killed a proclaimed offender in an encounter along Hangu Road in Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to reports, Bahadur Zaman was wanted for murder, robbery and extortion. Police had received a tip that Bahadur was hiding in the Naway Kallay valley area and constituted a party to carry out an operation. The outlaw allegedly fired upon police personnel first from an orchard, and was subsequently killed in the return fire.

The body was shifted to the KDA Teaching Hospital for an autopsy prior to being handed over to the deceased’s heirs.