High-ranking policemen to supervise rape investigations

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police department has issued new standard operating procedures (SOP) under which regional (RPO) and district police officers (DPO) will supervise rape investigations within their jurisdictions across the province.

The department provided that this new structure was introduced due to poor investigations into crimes involving sexual violence. The document directed police officers to immediately register comprehensive first information reports (FIRs) that encompass all details including eyewitness statements and evidence collected in such cases.

While per existing laws it is required that female officers supervise investigations into rape cases, in the absence of such at the relevant police stations, the document provides that the RPO or DPO will depute personnel from outside to lead the inquiry. Moreover, once a rape is reported, the police will alert established organizations for legal aid and counselling as well as engage therapists wherever possible during the course of the investigation.

The document also urged police officers to treat rape survivors with compassion and understanding, and ensure that personnel refrain from using derogatory language or asking uncomfortable questions.

Police station attacked for protecting woman in Peshawar

A mob pelted the Michni Gate police station and blocked a road following the arrest of a group of locals accused of attempting to murder a woman.

According to police, the woman wanted to marry of her free will after her divorce but her decision did not settle well with her family who then tried killing her for so-called ‘honour’. However, upon being informed of this development, the police were able to take the woman into protective custody while members of her family who made an attempt on her life were arrested.

Police were later able to calm things down, and provided that matter would be presented to a dispute resolution council.

SHO accused of attempting to rape woman in Khairpur

In a report submitted to the DIG Sukkur by the Sukkur Range Complaint Cell on Wednesday, April 21, Khuhra SHO Aijaz Ali Magsi has been accused of attempting to rape a complainant with the aid of Constable Qurban Ali Shahani and informant Naseer Ujjan.

According to the report, the woman had a disagreement with a friend on April 15, the latter of whom alerted the police on the 15 helpline. Naseer Ujjan, the woman’s neighbour, called her with his brother’s cellphone and told her to come to the police station where her friend was currently present. Upon reaching however, she discovered her friend was not there. Moreover, the SHO who reportedly appeared drunk began misbehaving with her.

He lured her to a private car to search for her friend – Constable Qurban Ali and Naseer Ujjan were already seated inside when SHO Aijaz Ali Magsi attempted to sexually assault her. He bit her on her hand and snatched her cellphone, and threatened to implicate her in a narcotics case if she resisted. However, the woman managed to escape and alerted her brother with the aid of a passerby. She was able to reach home with the help of another local.

The report detailed that Naseer Ujjan followed the woman back to her home and reiterated the SHO’s threat to her. This prompted her to approach the courts for protection.

A neighbour of the woman informed the Sukkur Range Complaint Cell In-Charge DSP that he too had been summoned to the police station and that the SHO appeared intoxicated. The witness provided that Naseer Ujjan was also present there. Another neighbour claimed he saw policemen knocking on the woman’s door at around 3 AM.

The DSP in his report termed SHO Aijaz Ali Magsi and Constable Qurban Ali Shahani of ill-repute, and held Naseer Ujjan as an informant that does illegal work for the officers. The report suggested legal action against all three. However, both officers have denied all charges against them.