Man killed, woman injured for ‘honour’ in Islamabad

Police arrested two men for opening fire upon a couple, killing a man & injuring a woman in Islamabad’s DHA on Monday

Investigation revealed that the woman’s family was looking for her, & was attacked for ‘honour’ by her ex-husband & brother

Two murdered for free-will marriage in Sanghar

40 y/o Deela & her 35 y/o husband Allah Bachayo were killed by the woman’s family for marrying of their free-will in Sanghar

The assailants have also kidnapped the slain man’s brother & are threatening his family against lodging a case

2.5 mil children on the streets of Pakistan

SPARC on International Street Children Day observed there are 2.5 million children on the streets of Pakistan

Of these, 56% run away from their homes due to abuse, 22% are not in schools and another 22% are engaged in labour