March 24th, 2021 

By Staff Reporter 


A senior police official has clarified in a video message that he holds the Holy Quran ‘dearer than his life’ after a vicious campaign on social media accused him of desecrating the sanctity of the Holy Book.

Khalid Mehmood Afzal, the Superintendent of Police (Security) in the provincial capital, was accused by junior police officials of allegedly tipping off a plastic bag containing the Holy Quran from a wall in the GOR-I residential colony in Lahore. In videos on social media, police officials are seen talking that they had been suspended by the senior police official in a bid to silence their protest over the alleged incident.

In his video message however, Khalid Mehmood Afzal says he has been accused of desecrating the sanctity of the Holy Book in a campaign on social media in the last few days.

“I need to clarify that my faith and belief have been challenged and I have been accused of allegedly desecrating the Holy Book, a source of guidance in our lives – a Holy Book that imparts lessons for life in the world and Hereafter,” he said, while holding the Holy Quran as he is seated on a sofa in front of a table.

Mehmood added that he holds the Holy Book ‘dearer than his life’ and could never think of any disrespect towards it. The senior police official then kissed the Holy Quran and recited verses from the Holy Book.

“It’s a very difficult phase of my life that I had to take aid of the Holy Book to prove my faith – even though it is part of my faith,” he said.

The senior police official said he is very hurt and felt the circumstances were tragic, but that he would not hesitate to disclose the importance the Holy Book held for him in his life.

“I assure you all that I have a firm belief in the Holy Quran and I hold the Holy Book dearer to me than my life, my honor and everything else,” he concluded in the video message. There was no official confirmation from the Punjab Police over the alleged incident.

Following the clarification, many Twitter users commented that it was unfortunate that a policeman was forced to publicly clarify blasphemy allegations after a hateful campaign against him.