Child rapist gets 22 years and fine in Lahore

A Lahore gender-based violence court on Tuesday, March 2, awarded 22 years imprisonment as well as a fine of Rs. 1.2 million to Muhammad Munawar for abducting and raping a minor girl. The verdict was read by presiding Judge Jamshed Mubarak. Munawar was convicted after eight eyewitnesses recorded their statements, and the prosecution submitted a DNA report that proved a match.

Dance instructor rapes student in Sahiwal

A dance instructor is in hiding after torturing and raping a female student at gunpoint after she turned down his advances.

According to the complainant, her instructor wanted a relationship with her and began harassing her on the phone. The woman immediately informed her father who barred the instructor from visiting their home in the Dispensary Road area.

On the night of February 26, the armed accused barged into her house when she was alone, beat her and tied her up before sexually assaulting her. A medico-legal examination of the rape survivor confirmed assault. Police say that the suspect had been in contact with this student for the past five years.

Seminary teacher slashes toddler’s throat in Swat

A seminary teacher critically wounded a three year old by the name of Mohammad Ihsan after the toddler’s parents refused to marry their daughter to the assailant’s brother.

The incident occurred on February 24 in a madrassah in the Sethi Mills neighborhood of Amankot, Swat. Police were initially told that the minor was injured by a kite string, however they did not believe the story as the wound was more consistent with a blade attack.

Upon further investigation, they apprehended the boy’s female seminary teacher who confessed to wanting the boy’s sister to marry her brother. However, the victim’s parents had declined the proposal and decided to marry their daughter off somewhere else. The teacher claimed she hurt the toddler as revenge and to stop the marriage.

The suspect has been detained.