DNA samples taken in Kohat minor’s rape and murder case

Kohat police have taken the samples of some 40 people and are planning to collect 200 samples in wake of the rape and murder of four-year-old Hareem Fatima, whose body was discovered in a drainage ditch on Thursday morning.

A doctor at the KDA Teaching Hospital who performed the autopsy of the deceased girl determined she was raped before being strangled to death. The autopsy also revealed that she had been viciously tortured as the body bore bruises on the face, back and knees, and bite marks.

A forensic examination of the postmortem report confirmed that Hareem had indeed been sexually assaulted. Police have acquired DNA samples from local residents as well as the victim’s distant relatives.

Women organizations dismayed over registration of FIR

Aurat Azadi March expressed their utter dismay over a Peshawar sessions court judge’s orders for registration of an FIR against the organizers and participants of the annual rally held in Islamabad on the 8th of March 2021. The marchers were accused of advocating an ‘anti-Islam agenda’ under the guise of women’s rights and displaying blasphemous posters via an online hate campaign which utilised doctored images and videos.

Aurat Azadi March organizers had proven all allegations were false by providing proof, and registered their shock over the Peshawar session court’s decision to entertain false and malicious ‘evidence’ and order the Peshawar Cantonment police station to register a case against them.

The statement issued by the organizers reiterated that government officials, including the Prime Minister’s aide on religious affairs and interfaith harmony Tahir Ashraf and Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry, have called for inquiries and action against those responsible for sharing the doctored content online and spreading false allegations against Aurat March and Aurat Azadi March.

“To accept such a vile and baseless petition is to subject women involved in any way with Aurat Azadi March Islamabad to unspeakable danger,” the statement read. “It is common knowledge that arousing religious passions in Pakistan is akin to issuing a death warrant, and the Sessions Court order is fanning the flames of a fire that threatens to engulf women who have committed no crime other than speak for their own and the rights of women, girls and oppressed peoples throughout this country, rights that are guaranteed by the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

Activists and supporters took to social media to express solidarity with Aurat March and Aurat Azadi March, and condemn the Peshawar session’s court decision.

Man axes Shia scholar to death over alleged ‘blasphemy’

Police on March 24 arrested a man for axing to death Taqi Shah, a Shia scholar,at a mela in Basti Murad of Shorkot tehsil, district Jhang, Punjab. Shah was riding with a friend on a motorcycle at the event when he was ambushed and murdered by the accused, who fled the scene afterwards.

A case was registered at the Shorkot City police station on the complaint of a relative, who alleged that the primary accused had developed an enmity with the deceased following an argument during a volleyball match some days ago. However, the Jhang DPO later stated that the accused had confessed to killing Shah for committing blasphemy. He further stated that the victim had been accused in a blasphemy case in 2019 and was facing charges in court.