March 13th, 2021 

By Staff Reporter


The former prime minister and PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif have said his daughter Maryam Nawaz was threatened and told that she will be ‘smashed’.

Death threats to Maryam Nawaz

In a video message uploaded on his Twitter account on 11th March,  Sharif spoke about the death threats to his daughter. He first referred to how she was intimidated when security officials barged into her hotel room late at  night in Karachi on October 19 last year and arrested her husband Capt (r) Safdar in a case of violating the sanctity of the Quaid mausoleum. He then recounts the fresh threat to Maryam Nawaz, “Now, you are threatening her that if she does not restrain herself she will be ‘smashed.” Replying to her father’s tweet, Maryam Nawaz wrote that she faced not only threats but also abusive language.

Nawaz Sharif praised his daughter for showing courage and determination in leading the opposition campaign against the present regime. “The courage and faith shown by Maryam in protecting the people’s right to govern and in battling for the respect of mandate are admirable, Inshallah, Allah will protect her.”

The PML-N leader concludes his message by forewarning that the responsibility of any attack on Maryam Nawaz will rest on the prime minister and the top military brass. The establishment rigged the election

The establishment rigged the election 

In the video message,  Sharif also recalls how the establishment forced an incompetent individual upon the country through a rigged election in 2018, pushing Pakistan into an abyss of destruction. Referring to the defeat of Finance Minister Abdul Hafiz Sheikh against the joint opposition’s candidate Yousaf Raza Gillani in the recent Senate elections, Sharif accused the Establishment of yet again helping Prime Minister Imran Khan to secure a vote of confidence in the National Assembly.

The former prime minister also referred to the by-election of Daska on 25th February this year, saying that it was a replay of the rigged general elections, adding that it was rigged on a scale never seen in the country. The Election Commission has declared the by-election null and void after complaints of rigging, calling for a fresh election in the constituency on 10th April.

‘Bugti, Benazir threatened in the same vein prior to assassination’

Mian Javed Latif, MNA from PML-N, told that popular leaders Benazir Bhutto and Nawab Akbar Bugti had been threatened in the same vein before being assassinated in the country.

”It was unfortunate to see that those who were held responsible for Benazir Bhutto’s murder, then entered into a power-sharing agreement with her party,” he said, adding his party would not follow the same course. The PML-N parliamentarian said his party workers and leaders will not be silent bystanders in face of threats to Maryam Nawaz.

Mian Javed Latif said the threats to Maryam Nawaz’s is a serious issue and must not be misconstrued as a call for attention. “The State has a responsibility to protect Maryam Nawaz against any threat and it should provide adequate protection to her,” he added.