Rights Watch | 27th January 2021

Bacha Khan University in Charsadda imposes strict dress code, directing female students and staff to wear abayas and barring them from wearing makeup, jewellery and trousers. Police arrest three and lodge case against seven for the murder of an abandoned newborn girl in a hospital in Dijkot. PTA blocks 452 out of 778 links containing content from banned blasphemous Netflix movie.

Rights Watch

Bacha Khan University imposes strict dress code

Bacha Khan University in Charsadda has mandated a strict code in compliance with Islamic values, according to a report published in the regional daily, Daily Shahbaz. The report stated that the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Bashir Ahmed directed that university students should also be taught to read and understand the teachings contained in the Quran as it is their duty to do so as Muslims.

For this purpose, the Vice Chancellor issued instructions that all female students and staff members must be dressed in shapeless black abayas with black or white scarves, kameez with white chador and shalwar, and flat chappal. The University further banned wearing makeup and jewelry, carrying fancy bags, and barred students and staff from dressing in jeans, trousers, short shirts and high heels.

Newborn girl strangled to death in Dijkot

Police on Tuesday, January 26, arrested three suspects, including one Dr. Ilyas and his son, for their involvement in the alleged murder of a newborn girl in a hospital in Chak 263-RB, Dijkot.

The case was lodged by Constable Muhammad Asad Jamshed against Dr. Ilyas, who owned the hospital, his son, two dispensers, a couple, and one other under sections 148, 149, 201 and 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). After receiving a tip-off, the police cordoned off the area and arrested the doctor who was reported to have strangled the infant girl to death and then buried her in the hospital’s courtyard. Police were able to retrieve the deceased.

Upon questioning, Dr. Ilyas claimed that a woman had given birth to the girl at his hospital but abandoned her. The hospital tried handing over the newborn to a childless couple, Yasir Ali and his wife Rukhsana (who are also nominated in the FIR), but they rejected the child for want of a boy. With no one to claim her, the infant died because of the cold and the doctor attempted to bury her within his facility premises.

Police are currently investigating the case, and are searching for the girl’s biological family and the remaining suspects.

PTA blocks links to blasphemous Netflix movie

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Tuesday informed the Islamabad High Court that it has managed to block 452 out of 778 detected website links to content from the sacrilegious Netflix movie The Lady of Heaven. In a previous hearing, the PTA had informed the court that it would ban social media websites that fail to set up their regional offices in Pakistan in the next six months.