Rights Watch | 23rd December 2020

A fourteen-year-old girl was allegedly raped by two men in Bahawalpur some five months back; the rape survivor's father claims that when he had tried to register a complaint, he was brushed aside by the Nowshera Jadid. A case was filed on Monday, December 21. For more stories on human rights concerns, keep scrolling.

Rights Watch

Minor girl gang-raped in Bahawalpur

A fourteen-year-old girl was allegedly raped by two men in Bahawalpur some five months back, according to the rape survivor’s father. In his statement to a private TV channel, he claimed that at the time of the incident he had tried to file a complaint at the Nowshera Jadid police station several times however officers continued to brush him off. A district police spokesperson on the other hand stated that neither the girl nor her father approached any police station.

A case was finally registered against the two suspects on Monday, December 21, however no arrests have been made as of yet.

Coal miners trapped after fire breaks out

Six coal miners were trapped in a Chamalang coal field mine in the Duki district of Balochistan on Tuesday. According to reports, a fire broke out due to the accumulation of toxic methane gas in the mine trapping six miners working deep in the quarry. After receiving reports of the incident, rescue teams from the Disaster Management Authority and the mines department arrived on the scene. Rescuers managed to extract two miners in an unconscious state and provide them with first aid.

Two get death for sectarian killing of lawyer

A Karachi anti-terrorism court on Tuesday sentenced to death two men, Ishaq (alias Bobby) and Mohammad Asim (alias Capri), who are reportedly associated with the banned militant outfit the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan for murdering Sindh High Court lawyer Syed Ameer Haider Shah in 2015 on sectarian grounds. The judge hearing the case also awarded the accused a collective sentence of ten years and six months imprisonment and a fine amounting to Rs. 260,000 each. However, the sentence must first be confirmed by the Sindh High Court before it is meted out.

Lawyer gunned down in capital

A lawyer was gunned down in his car by two unidentified suspects on a motorbike in Islamabad’s G-10. The suspects were able to escape after carrying out the execution. Police are investigating the murder as the result of a personal enmity – the deceased hailed from Bannu in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where the enmity had claimed the lives of several others. The Capital police will be coordinating with Bannu police on the matter.