Rights Watch | 11th December 2020

The number of gender-based violence complaints received increased by a startling amount compared to prior years, noted HRCP webinar on COVID-19 impact on GBV data. For more stories on human rights violations, keep reading.

Rights Watch

GBV cases increased during a pandemic

A worryingly high number of gender-based violence (GBV) complaints were received in 2020 as compared to prior years, stated the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) during a webinar titled “COVID-19: Gender-based violence data and why it matters”.

Speakers noted that lockdown measures and suspension of economic activities during the pandemic created certain circumstances that exposed more cis and trans women to violence. With people being told to remain indoors and a lack of income heightening emotional and mental stress, vulnerable groups proved to be easy targets.

Participants also pointed out that whatever progress has been made in tackling GBV was due to the efforts of the women’s movement, civil society actors, and rights activists. The State, they said, had failed to break any ground in the protection of women as legislation on GBV is rarely ever implemented due to a profound lack of social policies and on-ground mechanisms.

Man kills wife in Karo-Kari incident

Imam Ali Khoso of Kotri city in Jamshoro district, Sindh, gunned down his wife Zulekha on Thursday, December 10, in what is being investigated as an incident of karo-kari. The deceased woman’s body has been surrendered to her brothers, while the police are on the hunt for the suspect who fled after the incident.

Two men rape a woman in Rawalpindi

A woman was allegedly gang-raped at gunpoint by two men in Kahuta, Rawalpindi district, on Monday.

According to the rape survivor, she had boarded a van with others after finishing work at a factory in Humak. After the remaining passengers had been dropped off at their respective destinations, the driver took her to a deserted area and stopped the vehicle where a masked man was waiting.

The two men threatened her at gunpoint to comply, following which they proceeded to rape her. She remained their captive for several hours before she was finally released and was able to call her mother and colleagues for help. An FIR has been registered and police are conducting raids to apprehend the at-large suspects.

Man rapes minor boy in Peshawar

An eleven-year-old boy was held captive and raped for days in Peshawar. According to the FIR, the boy along with his brother and cousin were approached by a man who introduced himself as Zahid, who offered the minor work. The three agreed, after which the man took the minor on his bike to a brick kiln where he imprisoned him in a room and repeatedly raped him over the course of four days. The boy was eventually released when two men found him and informed his parents. A case has been registered against the absconded suspect.