Rights Watch | November 12th 2020

-A Child Protection Court in Mardan has declined to charge a Minor Boy with accidental murder of his brother -Chief Justice IHC Justice Athar Minallah asks the government to dispel perceptions of Media Censorship.


Dispel impression of media curbs, IHC asks govt

Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court (IHC) Justice Athar Minallah has asked the federal government to dispel any perception of restricting freedom of the press suggesting it should hold meaningful consultation with media bodies. In an order on a journalist case, the court directed that the FIA frame guidelines for cases against journalists and consult stakeholders in this regard.

Court declines to indict minor for murder

The Child Protection Court in Mardan has declined to charges a minor boy with accidental murder of his brother saying no offense is punishable if it is committed by a child under the age of 10 years under the penal code. According to FIR, the boy’s mother said her two minor sons were playing inside a room when one of them accidentally fired at the other killing him instantly in January.

4 dead in mine mishap

Four miners have died in Jamshoro’s Lakhra coalfield after a lift’s cables snapped in the coalmine. Deputy Commissioner Fariddudin Mustafa said rescuers took out the dead bodies and all of the deceased belonged to Swat.

Rally against price hike

Scores of workers in Lahore have taken out a rally organized by All Pakistan Federation of Trade Unions to protest soaring inflation in the country. The demonstrators, who carried placards and banners, voiced calls for raising the wages and pensions in view of rising poverty and unemployment in the country.