Positivity ratio jumps to 4.5%: NCOC

The NCOC has said the COVID test positivity ratio has jumped to 4.5 percent in the country saying the ratio in 15 major cities was increasing rapidly.

Hyderabad is at the top with a 16.59 % positivity ratio, followed by Gilgit with 15.38 %, Multan 15.97 %, Muzaffarabad 14.12 %, Mirpur 11.11%, Peshawar 9.69%, Quetta 8.03%, Islamabad 7.48 %, Karachi 7.12%, Lahore 5.37%, and Rawalpindi 4.63%. The NCOC said 4,136 micro-small lockdowns were in place across the country.

9 fatalities, 1650 new infections

The pandemic has claimed nine lives with 1650 new infections during the last 24 hours. A total of 367 new cases and three deaths were reported in Islamabad, AJK, and GB. Punjab has confirmed 345 cases and one death

New curbs on weddings

The NCOC has ordered that weddings will be restricted to two hours with a cutoff time of 10 pm in the country. All wedding guests will have to sit six feet apart and buffet dinner/lunch has been banned in the ceremonies under the guidelines.

5 sectors sealed in Islamabad

The administration has sealed five sectors in the federal capital for emerging as COVID hot spots. According to a notification, subsectors I-8/3, I-8/4, G-9/1, G-10/4, and G-6/2 have been sealed with schools, mosques, shopping centers, and parks closed.