October 24th, 2020

By Ahmad Saeed 


It is painful to see 19-year-old Sawera. Having suffered a critical head injury, she is now dependant on others, being fed through a tube, and unable to even speak.

Much to her mother Noorin Akhtar’s disapproval, Sawera continues to live with her husband Shahbaz. Their marriage took place only a few months ago.

Noorin claims that after the marriage her husband Shehbaz forbade her from visiting her parents and one fine day she was suddenly informed by some people that Sawera had been admitted to Lahore General Hospital in an extremely critical condition.

When Noorin finally reached the hospital, she found out that Sawera had been hospitalized since the last 27 days.

Upon asking about Sawaira’s condition her family members were told by Shahbaz, that one night she was walking on the balcony when she suddenly slipped and fell down in the street below. But Noorin Akhtar does not believe Shehbaz’s story.

When the Voicepk.net team inspected the site of the accident and spoke to eyewitnesses, they confirmed that Sawera had in fact fallen from the balcony, though the circumstances of her accident still remain unclear.

Sawera’s mother told Voicepk.net that her husband Shehbaz used to visit Sawera in the hospital daily but as soon as her family was informed, she was discharged from the hospital she was taken home by her husband.

Noorin says she wanted to approach the courts to extradite her daughter, but her lawyers did not provide her with proper legal guidance.

Now she says that she will go to all lengths to bring her daughter back home so that she does not suffer any further.

Noorin says that there are no other women in Shehbaz’s house except for her sister-in-law and Sawera needs people to take care of her.

She claims that Sawera would be better off in her own home where she will be taken care of. Because of the state, she is in currently Sawera cannot even change her clothes or use the washroom on her own

Voicepk.net tried to approach Shehbaz so that he could clarify his side of the story but he refused to appear on camera. Instead, he kept reiterating that he loves his wife and would never do her harm. He asserts that Sawera’s injuries are the result of her fall from the balcony. He called it an ‘unfortunate accident’ and assured us that he taking complete care of Sawera day and night.

When asked why he had not informed Sawera’s family about her accident, he said that that he was afraid that her parents might blame him for the accident.